STRATOVARIUS – Best Of [Limited Edition] [2016] [626 MB] [MP3]-[320 kbps]

STRATOVARIUS – Best Of [Limited Edition] [2016] [626 MB] [MP3]-[320 kbps]

STRATOVARIUS – Best Of [Limited Edition] [2016] [626 MB] [MP3]-[320 kbps] by rockbendaDIO 

STRATOVARIUS have been around since 1985 and have to date released 16 studio albums, so as you can imagine this 29 song best of will only touch on the band’s impressive musical output to date. The limited edition adds a bonus disc of the band live at the Wacken Festival recorded in 2015. STRATOVARIUS must be one of the few major metal bands not to feature any original members, with vocalist Timo Kotipelto the longest serving band member having joined in 1994. Keyboards player Jens Johansson is not far behind though having joined the band a year later in 1995. When key member guitarist Timo Tolkki left in 2008 many fans thought the band would flounder or call it a day, in fact they have gone from strength to strength and they still chart in many European countries album charts. There is one new song on here, ‘Until The End Of Days‘, which is a typical upbeat power metal romp from the band. They are one of the leading bands in the power/neoclassical metal genre and have gained many a rave review in the UK press, which was unusual certainly ten or so years ago as power metal was often derided. Highlights depend on what sort of sound you want from the band, as they do those big rousing chorus led tunes like ‘Shining In The Dark‘ and then they can do a foot-on-the-monitors power metal beast such as ‘Hunting High And Low‘. ‘Halcyon Days‘ is great fun, with an almost dance like keys riff from Jens Johansson and an almost pop chorus line. It would make a great Eurovision entry and that is not belittling the song in anyway! It is just that the song has great crossover appeal.

STRATOVARIUS‘s fans will be tempted in by the live disc and if you are new to the band this is a pretty impressive collection covering the band’s output to date. Two and half hours of their finest music, can’t be bad…!

Album: Best Of [Limited Edition]
Content: 3CD Albums [MP3]-[320 kbps]
Label: earMUSIC 0210978EMU
Edition: GERMANY
Genre: Rock
Style: Power Metal
Date Release: May 6th, 2016

CD ONE (Remastered)
01. Until the End of Days (3:44)
02. My Eternal Dream (6:05)
03. Eagleheart (3:50)
04. Speed of Light (3:06)
05. S.O.S. (4:17)
06. Forever Free (6:02)
07. Wings of Tomorrow (5:08)
08. No Turning Back (4:22)
09. Break the Ice (4:39)
10. Distant Skies (4:10)
11. Will the Sun Rise? (5:07)
12. A Million Light Years Away (5:20)
13. Under Flaming Skies (3:52)
14. Darkest Hours (4:11)
15. Winter Skies (5:42)
16. I Walk to My Own Song (5:04)
17. Maniac Dance (4:33)

CD TWO (Remastered)
01. Halcyon Days (5:32)
02. Will My Soul Ever Rest in Peace? (4:56)
03. Destiny (10:15)
04. Paradise (4:28)
05. Deep Unknown (4:28)
06. Elysium (18:06)
07. Black Diamond (5:41)
08. If the Story is Over (6:07)
09. Unbreakable (4:38)
10. Forever (3:07)
11. Shine in the Dark (5:06)
12. Hunting High and Low (4:08)

CD THREE (Bonus CD: Live At Wacken Open Air 2015)
01. Intro (2:23)
02. Black Diamond (Live at Wacken 2015) (5:38)
03. Eagleheart (Live at Wacken 2015) (4:59)
04. Against the Wind (Live at Wacken 2015) (4:19)
05. Dragons (Live at Wacken 2015) (4:15)
06. Legions of the Twilight (Live at Wacken 2015) (5:58)
07. Paradise (Live at Wacken 2015) (5:57)
08. Shine in the Dark (Live at Wacken 2015) (4:41)
09. Speed of Light (Live at Wacken 2015) (3:42)
10. Unbreakable (Live at Wacken 2015) (4:56)
11. Hunting High and Low (Live at Wacken 2015) (8:03)

Line Up
Timo Kotipelto – Vocals
Matias Kupiainen – Guitars
Jens Johansson – Keyboards
Lauri Porra – Bass
Rolf Pilve – Drums

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Album: Best Of [Limited Edition]
Date Release: May 6th, 2016
Format: [MP3]-[320 kbps]
Total Size: [626 MB]
Included: Artwork
Password: rockbendaDIO


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